Welcome to Drummer Web Page

Drummer - intuitive, easy to use scheduler for Java 8.

Current version: 1.2.3

Quick 10 reasons: Why Drummer?

  • Drummer usage is simple and non-invasive. Put method annotation... that's all .
  • Drummer expression is self-documented.
  • Drummer is multithreaded. Just point out how many threades you need.
  • Drummer is easy to test. One annotation ... again...
  • Drummer has no third-party libraries. No problem with dependencies.
  • Drummer does't produce garbage. No need to clean server cache before deploy anymore.
  • Drummer might be automatically configured by properties or database... if you wish.
  • Drummer is fully integrated with Spring, JavaEE, pure Java or any bean container you have.
  • Drummer executtion can be triggered by combined triggers. That's why unusual execution never been so easy.
  • Drummer works with time zones.


Thin, independent library

Easy job scheduling

WYSIWYG annotations

Full control over trigger

Externally customised


Self-documented expressions

Cron expressions

Basic Job flows


Easy asynchronous execution

Safe multithreating

Cacheable thread pools